Enzo Fernandez Touching Letter to Messi 6 Years Ago

Enzo Fernandez
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Contradanyc.com – Enzo Fernandez has just become one of the stars of Argentina’s success in winning the 2022 World Cup. Six years ago Fernandez sent a touching letter to Lionel Messi. Fernandez’s story became the most highlighted soccer news for cuaninaja.com readers throughout December 23, 2022.

Fernandez sent a letter to Messi when he was 15 years old. At that time Messi had just announced his retirement from the Argentina national team due to failing to win the 2016 Copa America.

Fernandez seduction sweet fruit. Messi wants to return to the Argentina national team. Now they even play together and successfully present the 2022 World Cup title that the Argentine people have been waiting for. The last time Argentina won the World Cup was in 1986.

Apart from the story about Enzo Fernandez, the struggles of the Indonesian national team in the 2022 AFF Cup have also begun to attract readers’ attention. As well as Manchester United’s plans to bring in two Croatian players who triumphed in Qatar.

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Sending a Letter to Lionel Messi 6 Years Ago, Enzo Fernandez’s Dream Come True

Six years ago, Enzo Fernandez was still a youth player at the River Plate Academy. Still 15 years old and full of enthusiasm, he carries the same dream as thousands of kids his age: to play with Lionel Messi.

At that time, Messi, who was sad and disappointed because he failed to lead the Tango Team to win the 2016 Copa America, announced that he would retire from the Argentine national team.

Indeed, Lionel Messi was very moved and this became a very extraordinary reality. It also surprised people that the letter had an important prayer from Enzo Fernandez’s.

Argentina as the winner in the Qatar 2022 World Cup match, this moment is not only from one Enzo Fernandes. However, the words that were captured by a legendary soccer player, Diego Maradona, were very motivating for soccer players, especially in Argentina.

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