Is This Why Prince George Wore a Blue Suit at Queen Elizabeth’s Funeral?

Prince George – Prince George was seen naked at the funeral of his great-grandmother Queen Elizabeth. This is a question for so many people, what really happened.

George, arrived at Westminster Abbey wearing a navy suit with a black tie, while his sister, Princess Charlotte, and mother Kate Middleton, both dressed in black along with most of the congregation.

Launching from the People page, Monday (9/19/2022), Prince George’s outfit may have been chosen to match his father’s Royal Air Force (RAF) uniform, Prince William.

For the service, the new Prince of Wales wore his military uniform including a Garter sash with RAF Pilot Wings and a Garter Star Chest Order.

Prince William’s uniform is also decorated with the Queen’s Gold, Diamonds and Platinum Jubilee medals.

Queen Elizabeth II’s funeral also marked the first time Charlotte wore significant jewelry.

Charlotte completed her black outfit with a diamond horseshoe brooch pinned to the left side of her black coat to honor her late great-grandmother’s love for horses. The sentimental brooch was gifted to the young princess by Queen Elizabeth II, People exclusively revealed.

Princess Charlotte also wore a hat for the first time at a service at Westminster Abbey, a custom for British women to attend formal events.

George and Charlotte took part in the royal family procession behind the Queen’s coffin with Prince William and Kate Middleton as the family walked down the aisle of Westminster Abbey. Kate escorted the young children into the service, although Prince William arrived early with King Charles III.


Youngest Royal Member in Funeral Procession


Youngest Royal Member in Funeral Procession


Prince William and Kate spent the last week carefully considering whether to include their two oldest children in processions and services, PEOPLE understands.

Prince George and Princess Charlotte were several years younger than William when he attended his mother Princess Diana’s funeral in 1997 at the age of 15. Prince Louis, 4, may be considered too young to join the rest of the family for the funeral.

Prince George, the nine-year-old son of Prince of Wales, William and Princess of Wales Kate Midleton, attends Queen Elizabeth II’s funeral and walks in front of his sister Princess Charlotte during a procession to Westminster Abbey.

Countess of Wessex Sophie, 57, is seen putting her hand on George’s shoulder while watching Queen Elizabeth II’s funeral procession on Monday 19 September, as quoted from The Daily Mail UK page, Monday (19/9/2022).

The moment Sophie put a hand on George’s shoulder conveyed a reassuring expression for the little prince who looked sad to witness the funeral procession of ‘Gan-Gan’, a favorite nickname for his great-grandmother.

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Prince Edward’s wife has a very close relationship with her mother-in-law, she also chose to wear traditional mourning clothes when she entered Westminster Abbey.

Sophie and Edward’s two children, Lady Louise Windsor (18) and James, Viscount Severn (14) were also present at the ceremonial funeral procession that day.

Prince George and Princess Charlotte joined senior royals at the Queen’s funeral today, passing thousands of mourners on the streets of London as they traveled to Westminster Abbey with the Empress and Princess of Wales.


Prince George and Princess Charlotte at the Funeral Procession



Queen Elizabeth II makes her final and most moving journey from Westminster Hall as Britain mourns its longest-serving monarch. The nobles also said goodbye to their beloved mother, grandmother, and great-grandmother.

Princess of Wales Kate Midleton was also seen holding her daughter’s hand as the family arrived at Westminster Abbey.

Princess Charlotte wore a black mourning coat with a velvet collar and matching wide-brimmed hat, while George wore a navy suit with a black tie.

Prince George looks mature beyond his years, honoring this historic moment and waiting patiently for his father, Prince William, to arrive at the Abbey after walking behind the Queen’s coffin.

The Princess of Wales continued with a series of supportive actions towards her daughter, including leading her into the Abbey with gentle hands as the family walked through the teak doors.

Previously, the two brothers watched the procession from a maroon royal car as Prince William, King Charles and other senior royals lined up behind a coffin upon arrival at Westminster Abbey.

After they arrived at the Abbey gates, the senior nobles were greeted by a member of the clergy who presided over the state funeral.

The Wales are thought to have brought the second line to the throne to a historic event after their senior palace adviser considered allowing him to attend a state funeral because of the strong symbolic message it sends.


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