Singapore’s Reason for Recalling Indonesian Soy Sauce

Indonesian Soy Sauce
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Indonesian Soy Sauce – Singapore’s reason withdrawing Indonesian soy sauce three products through the Singapore Food Agency (SFA). The reason, because of the allergens that are not announced.

“They are ABC Sweet Indonesia Soy Sauce (ABC Sweet Soy Sauce), ABC Sambal Ayam Goreng Sauce (ABC Sambal Ayam Goreng Sauce) and Fukutoku Seika Soft Cream Wafers,” said SFA in a press release, Tuesday, September 6, 2022.

According to a Channel News Asia report quoted on Wednesday (7/9/2022), the two ABC products originating from Indonesia are known to contain sulfur dioxide (sulfur dioxide).

The recall applies to all ABC Sweet Soy Sauce imported by New Intention Trading, with an expiration date of 26 June 2024.

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ABC Sambal Ayam Goreng Indonesia Soy Sauce imported by Arklife Distributor and has an expiry date of January 6, 2024. SFA also detected in it the presence of benzoic acid, which is not mentioned on food packaging labels.

However, the SFA added that the detected levels of sulfur dioxide and benzoic acid were within the permissible limits in the sauce. attempted to contact the manufacturer but have not received a response.

Meanwhile, Fukutoku Seika Soft Cream Wafers, originating from Japan, were found to contain undeclared egg white and wheat flour allergens. Affected batches are imported by Sinhua Hock Kee Trading, and come with an expiration date of April 20, 2023.

“Allergens in food can cause allergic reactions in individuals who are sensitive to them,” the SFA said.


Singapore rules



Indonesian Soy Sauce


Under Singapore’s food regulations, food products containing ingredients known to cause hypersensitivity must be listed on food packaging labels.

All ingredients in packaged foods must also be listed on the product label in descending order of proportion by weight.

The agency added that the presence of the allergens sulfur dioxide, egg white and wheat flour does not pose a food safety problem for consumers in general, except for those who are allergic to them.

“Consumers who have purchased the affected product, and who are allergic to the allergen, should not consume it,” the SFA said. “Consumers can contact their point of purchase for inquiries.”

The recall is in progress.

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