WHO says COVID-19 will end soon, when?

WHO says COVID-19 will end soon
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Contradanyc.com – The World Health Organization (WHO) on September 14 declared that the COVID-19 pandemic would end soon. This certainly gets the attention of many countries and people question it.

According to him, the statement has not been followed by official policy. This means that people still need to wait while still implementing health protocols.

“Regarding the endemic, we just follow it because there is no official policy that has been issued yet. This is just news, there is no official policy that this is endemic or anything.”

“But the health protocols must be tight, keep your distance, wash your hands, live healthy. That’s what we have to implement until now, don’t neglect to wear masks,” said the woman who is familiarly called Mrs. Wid in a virtual workshop with the Indonesian Cyber ​​Media Association (AMSI) and Danone, Wednesday (21/9/2022).

He added that so far there has been no leak regarding when Indonesia will be free from the COVID-19 pandemic.

“There are no leaks, the point is that when the government is sounding the pandemic is over, of course we will inform the public. At this time the policy has not been issued so we must continue to follow the health protocols.”

The application of health protocols such as wearing a mask does not only protect oneself from exposure to the COVID-19 virus. Using a mask every day is also good to minimize dust exposure while traveling.

“There are actually many benefits of wearing a mask, your mask protects me, my mask protects you. So culture is okay, the habit of washing hands, eating healthy food habits, living clean and healthy, exercising, it’s good to continue.”


COVID-19 situation


COVID-19 situation


Although it is said that it will end soon, the global COVID-19 pandemic is still experiencing an increase in cases.

Some countries that are still experiencing an increase in cases according to Our World in Data, Covid Variants as of September 8, 2022 presented by Widyawati are Hong Kong, Taiwan, Russia, and China.

Meanwhile in Indonesia, the COVID-19 case update as of Thursday 15 September shows:

• There are 8 provinces experiencing an increase in cases.

• There are 26 provinces experiencing a decrease in cases.

• Daily positive cases reached 2,651 cases.

• Positivity rate 7.85 percent.

• Until September 15, 2022, positive confirmed cases of COVID-19 in Indonesia reached 6,402,686.

• The accumulated death cases are 157,849 cases.

• Death trend decreased by 13.04 percent over the previous week.

• A total of 107,785,960 specimens were examined.

• Hospitalization with hospital bed occupancy (BOR) 5.41 percent.

• Active cases fell 19.36 percent compared to the previous week.

• The trend of hospitalization decreased by 9.45 percent compared to the previous week.


Vaccination Achievements


Vaccination Achievements


Regarding vaccination, Widyawati explained that her achievements usually go down on weekends, namely Saturdays and Sundays or on holidays.

The vaccination achievement on 15 September 2022 until 18.00 WIB was 56,023 people. Meanwhile, the vaccination target is 234,660,020.

“Total vaccinations (up to the 15th) are 436,571,380. The achievement of the first booster vaccination for COVID-19, Bali (69.8 percent), DKI Jakarta (66.0 percent), and Riau Islands (52.1 percent) has reached more than 50 percent of the first booster. And the smallest is Papua (8.9 percent).”

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Vaccines are still believed to be a shield to prevent severe symptoms when infected with COVID-19. The data showed that in the population who were given the first booster over the age of 18, the antibody levels increased four to six times.

“So indeed, to achieve even more targets to complete, we need support from various parties to encourage the acceleration of the first booster. This is so that all people get the first booster.”


6 WHO Policy Brief


6 WHO Policy Brief


Previously, WHO says COVID-19 will end soon. had issued 6 brief policy summaries to end the COVID-19 pandemic, continued Widyawati.

The six policies include vaccination, testing and sequencing, health systems, preparation for spikes in cases, prevention and control, and information delivery.


In this policy, WHO has a vaccination target of 100 percent for priority groups including health workers. Meanwhile, the elderly (elderly) at least reached the vaccination target of 97 percent.

Testing and Sequencing

This policy was made so that testing and sequencing can still be carried out to deal with COVID-19. In addition, it is necessary to continue to integrate surveillance and testing services, including for other respiratory disorders such as influenza.

Health System

Ensure that there is a system to provide services to patients and integrate COVID-19 services with the primary health care system.

Case Spike Preparation

Preparing for spikes of cases, ensuring that it has the facilities and health personnel needed.

Prevention and Control

Continue to take infection prevention and control measures to protect health workers and COVID-19 patients in health facilities.

Information Submission

Communicate clearly with the public regarding any changes in the COVID-19 policy and the reasons. And train health workers to identify and communicate that information and deliver high-quality information in digital format.



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